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virtual assistant

Having run my own e-commerce business for six years, I get it. The endless to-do lists, time consuming admin tasks and brain being pulled in a million directions. It's hard to prioritise, it's hard to focus and it's hard to dedicate time to the areas of business you enjoy and excel at.

This is where I can help. Let me take some of that mental load, and free up your time, energy and focus to concentrate on where your business needs YOU.

how i can support you

  • E-Commerce support through general admin tasks, online stock & store updates, responding and engaging with audience on social media, outreach.

  • Managing CRM systems, databases & client / stocklists.

  • Email, LinkedIn and DM inbox management including customer service.

  • Keen to combine virtual assistant support with marketing tasks including newsletter management and social media content? Check out how I can help here.  

hourly rate from £30 p/h

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